Oh! The beautiful sun and blue sky!!

As you can tell from the post title, sunshine and blue sky have returned to Lower Mainland! This beautiful return is welcomed by fellow bloggers Huckleberry Days and Rock Paper Lizard. Me, on the other hand, has to stay home and wait for the apartment manger to come and fix our kitchen faucet, which has been postponed several times already in last few weeks. Not the greatest work efficiency in the world nor the greatest way to celebrate a beautiful day, and I am still waiting at the moment. Hope the sunshine is still here for me to enjoy tomorrow.

On the other hand, it gives me time to thoroughly read and enjoy the the latest issue of "I and the Bird" (#92) hosted by Seabrooke Leckie. What an amazing piece of poetry and one that includes all those amazing blog posts too. I wish I have such expression for poetry as well. That's all for now, and hope everyone has a happy weekend. Cheers.

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