Let's celebrate SAD...Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Yes, the fog finally lifted this morning! But it is still cloudy, so the grayness still remains. Sigh. I didn't go out to watch wildlife for a couple of days now - because of the fog, and because now I am a little bit sick. Just dry coughs and sneezes, nothing too serious (knock on wood).

Anyways, I just found out that today (January 21st) is Squirrel Appreciation Day. I did saw a squirrel today when I was taking out the trash, so I said hello to it. That's my part in the celebration, so there.

I don't have any preferences when it comes to squirrels since they are so common, and they can be annoying to birders with bird feeders. But I rather live in a world with these sometimes fun-to-watch creatures than not having them at all. So I guess I do appreciate them in some ways; therefore thanks for being in this world, little squirrels. I will use this opportunity to re-post some of my favorite squirrel pictures here (and to save some of my photos from Flickr's limit).

These were taken on October 19th in Minoru Park of Richmond. This Eastern Gray Squirrel was a bit unusual because of its missing bushy tail and of its Spider-Man poses. Ha.



These Douglas's Squirrels were observed earlier (on October 9th) around Beaver Lake in Stanley Park. Such cute fellows.



Now, I'll leave you an interesting thing (fact?) for you to ponder about: According to this site, there are 365 species of squirrels or squirrel-like mammals in this world. One for each day, eh? Happy SAD!


Cicero Sings said...

Squirrel Appreciation Day! Pffft ... I hope no one tells OUR squirrel. He is far too cheeky as it is! Little rat ... has taken it upon itself to chase all the woodpeckers away from the feeders.

You're right, there are few wild critters featured in the blog world ... they are too darned shy ... for the most part. Other years we've had a moose around but it sure has been quiet in our neck of the woods critter wise these days.

My foxy friend lives on the edge of town but they have a woodsy little patch by them and in the thick of that woodsy patch is a pond and it seems to attract the critters. She often has stories for me. Don't get her going about deer though! They munch all her best flowers.

PSYL said...

That is one cheeky squirrel indeed, Cicero Sings. No manners at all!

Moose and deer! Such an exciting part of the province you live in! So glad I found your blog to steal a couple of glances into your natural surroundings.

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