A day filled with heron sightings

Well, today's weather wasn't as good as yesterday's, but the visibility was still good enough for me to go out and see things. Although it was quite chilly in the afternoon.

In the morning, I went back to Steveston to return some library books and buy groceries. I headed over to the walkway to see what lifers are around. Apparently, nothing was around. Bummer.

While passing by, I went inside that little garden place and saw this beautiful partly-decayed flower (of something).

Red and gold - just in time for Chinese New Year celebration!

In the afternoon, I walked to the dyke to make up my week-long absence.

The Mallards and Wigeons have returned back to this little marsh at the end of Francis Road again.

There were six sightings of Great Blue Herons today with four individuals in total, I think. My mother was jealous that I saw so many this time, and up-close for a few of them too.

Norther Harrier flying by.

Saw this Accipiter resting at the North end of the golf course. It didn't even fly away when I was almost right underneath the tree. Even so, I still couldn't manage to get a good photograph to allow me to identify it. From the red-colored breast, perhaps it is a Cooper's Hawk?

Nice view enjoyed by this certain Accipiter.

Then I continued walking towards Terra Nova. The sky cleared a little bit by then, but still not enough to see the blue sky.

A large group of American Wigeons resting.

While I was walking, a crow ahead of me started croaking loudly. Then I saw something on the dirt mound flying away. It looked like a Northern Harrier from the back! That was when I got excited and walked slowly to where it might have landed. Voila, and there it was! I managed to get three photos before it realized that I was looking at it and flew away. Amazing experience.

First time seeing a non-flying Northern Harrier and up so close too. The owl-like facial disk is definitely quite clear (despite being blocked by grasses).

Then I heard the large group of Snow Geese taking off in the distance. They are still here?

The view walking back home as the sun slowly sets.

To brighten up this post, here's a picture I took while at that garden place in Steveston. What a mosaic of color! It makes me realize that spring will be here in about two months. Hooray!

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