Watched "Life in Cold Blood" tonight!

Wow, what a show. BBC never disappoints with their wonderfully-shot nature programs, and this show is no exception. "Life in Cold Blood" is all based on cold-blooded animals, and tonight's episode focused on the amphibians. Starting with the evolutionary background, going through lungfish having a lung-like structure for breathing, then moving onto the gigantic Japanese giant salamanders, the legless caecilians, frogs and toads, and other specifically unique creatures. Basically, just a feast for people like me. I am so sad that I couldn't find the show last week on TV, but I am glad I caught it tonight. Can't wait for next week's lizards! It's shows like this that made me value my education and knowledge. And Sir David Attenborough is the man!!!

Anyways, I went to waterfront again this afternoon to get a breathe of fresh air, and saw a bald eagle flying and landing on a lighthouse-type of a structure. I think I was the only one "interested" enough to see it (that always make me feel extra special). Too bad I couldn't take a better picture. There were cormorants and gulls there too.

I want this kind of good weather to stay forever. Rain, rain, go away!

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