Another nature TV program...

I follow any TV programs hosted by Sir David Attenborough because he's just such a great narrator. Now, another program that I enjoy is "The Secret World Of Gardens". Even though it may not have the most decorative or exciting creatures in the show, any insects, flower, plants, and animals within the garden from the perspective of Martin Galloway is just...amazing, and it is quite contagious not to marvel at the simple things that he explains.

For example, tonight's episode focuses on "Flies". Not the most attractive subject, but to Martin, flies are wonderful creatures and a garden without of them will be impossible. He explains their role in the garden as pollinators, decomposers, predators, as well as preys; the mouth structure of different flies for different uses (pricking, inserting, sucking, lapping, tearing, etc); the (lack of) social structure for flies; and just so much more. Overall, just a great TV show that I don't mind wasting 20 minutes on.

Speaking of gardens, I went back to the park near the harbour again (and it's called Harbour Green Park as I tried very hard to remember the name this time). This time, I mainly just took some pictures of flowers still in bloom.

Gorgeous day to be outside and watching this Pelagic Cormorant drying and warming itself up by holding their wings out. It must be nice to have a dark coat.

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