Long hike around Stanley Park

I had some businesses to take care in Downtown today in the morning. But as soon as that was finished, I headed straight to Stanley Park to do a walk-around the seawall. Such a gorgeous day, and surprisingly, many bikers, skaters, joggers, and walkers as well. I guess not everyone is as busy as I thought they were (I sometimes think I am the only person in the world without a job and without a thing to do, apparently not).

The first interesting thing that I saw was a raccoon near the totem park, and it was surrounded by several people all armed with cameras. It was not definitely camera shy, although it was probably thinking, "somebody better pay me with some food for all this modeling I am doing." As soon as a walker with a dog passed by, it immediately climbed the tree to hide itself. Such a cute fella.

Afterwards, I cut from the seawall and went to the Beaver Lake. I didn't know where I was going but I followed that little black stream and apparently it brought me to the Beaver Lake. There, I saw many native Douglas's Squirrels (they have a distinctive eye ring compared to the non-native Eastern Gray Squirrels). I brought some of our old peanuts from home and they seemed to like them. I even saw the much smaller Douglas's Squirrels chasing off the Eastern Gray Squirrels when they were on their territory, feisty little fellas.

I saw many other interesting things there too, such as a bat house set up high up on a dead tree facing the lake. I wonder if it has been used at all. I also saw many fungi that I have absolutely no idea what they are, so I probably should get a fungi field guide soon. I was getting pretty tired by then so I thought about cutting straight to the Lost Lagoon from the lake. But instead I went around the lake in a full circle. Given up, I decided to go back to the way I came from and continued with my original plan of walking around the seawall today.

Once I got underneath the Lions' Gate Bridge, I was almost halfway there! Hooray! It was the first time I was underneath it. The view was okay, the bridge itself doesn't look too impressive from down there than from being on it.

Passing the bridge, I observed something else very interesting. The "Wall of Cormorants"! At least 30 Pelagic Cormorants were on this cliff wall glooming and resting. Never seen so many of them at one spot before. Also saw many seabirds on the ocean, I think they were Scoters but I didn't bring my binocular to make sure. And for some unknown reason, the Siwash Rock looks extremely Easter Island statuesque-like today. Hmm, never noticed that before.

Next time, I need to remember that wearing business shoes to walk around for 10-km is not a good idea. Getting tired legs, I decided to get to the Lost Lagoon and hurry on home. Over there, I saw many funny-looking coots, as well as another raccoon, and took one of my clearest pictures of a Spotted Towhee. Hooray!

Now, I just hope my business today is just as lucky. I guess I will find out next week.

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