A little bit about myself...

Hi, there.

I don't know how you ended up at this site, but welcome!

This is not a new blog, just to let you know. I had the account for a while but wasn't sure of what to do with it. But now that I am school-free and work-free (not a good thing when you still have expensive student loans to pay off), I have decided to explore the things that I enjoy so much, i.e. the animals and plants in our everyday life, and share them with people through blogging.

I have lived in Richmond, BC, Canada for more than 10 years now. Never really been away from it but also never really paid much attention to it either. It was during these last couple of years that I really become interested in animals and plants. I had school-training in mammalogy, ornithology, herpetology, invertebrate biology, some entomology, etc, but never really applied it to the the real world. So, I guess this blog is sort of the connection that I am trying to establish between the knowledge and phenomenon inside and outside my noggins, respectively...thank god.

I had a blog/diary that I wrote when I was a research intern for the Taipei Zoo this past summer, and it can be found here. But that's over now and I definitely miss the experience that I had in that place and transforming my everyday life into short blurbs, so here I am at it again.

Other than that, I don't really know what else to say except welcome and BOOM DE AH DAH!

Wait, another thing to mention. I enjoy taking photographs of nature even though I only have a relatively simple digital camera, RICOH R8, so bad pictures are expected. You have been forewarned. Good-bye.


Oh yeah, might as well start the blogging today. Extremely nice weather today, totally unexpected after watching the weather forecast last night. Wait a minute, or was it expected...since they were never 100% sure of themselves nowadays. Anyways, I will probably bike to the dyke later since I haven't been out of the house in awhile.

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TNCAHD said...

What a wonderful voyage of discovery you've embarked on since you started this blog last October. I'm really going to enjoy retracing your steps and following what you're seeing. Strange coincidence perhaps but I've been on my own little voyage of discovery to Taiwan for the past almost seven years.

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