Finding a golf ball...or is it?

So I was planning on going to the dyke by bike. But as soon as I got on the bike, guess what happened. Yes, drizzles started to come down. Not discouraged by a little rain, I went back home to get an umbrella and decided to walk instead. As soon as I stepped outside...it stopped raining. God must be feeling pretty proud today making a fool out of me.

Whatever...I am not going to be stopped by a little rain. So I sticked with the plan and walked on.

Cloudy day today with a little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds, and light light rain from time to time. Saw a lot of mallards (as usual), a couple of Great Blue Herons, snow geese on the horizon (I can already imagine more of them here as time goes on), and so forth.

But what really interested me was this puffball (see above picture) that I saw. Never paid close attention to one before, but for whatever reason this one really looked like a golf ball from far away. I wish I knew what species it is, but I didn't examine it in great details, pity. Seems that these kinds of puffballs are edible, but I wasn't that hungry at the time. I didn't know what it was when I first saw it, but now that I know what it is, I wish I poke at it to make it go "puff"! But I guess it only happens when it is mature...

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