Enjoying nature by the dyke

Finally, the weekend is here! And with plenty of sunshine and vitamin D to be enjoyed too.

I couldn't wait to get outside as soon as I wake up in the morning. I haven't been so excited about going out for walks in a while now. But today was definitely worth it!

Kitty trying to find a way home.

Near the golf course, I saw a couple of mallards in the ditches chasing off a cat that somehow ended over there. It was quite interesting, sort of like the other day when I saw the mallards lining up to chase off an American Mink (I might save that incident for one of these nature-less days).

My poor proof to show the Hooded Mergansers.

Now, near the Natural Area, I believed I saw a pair of Hooded Mergansers on the pond, but couldn't really tell because they were too far away from me. On the lookout, I also observed two very very small insects but I have no idea what they are, but one had a human face-like shape on the back of its abdomen.

And today was the second time I have seen a garter snake swimming in the ditches, it was quite amazing and I was the only one around to notice it!

See the tail near the middle of the picture?

Afterwards, I arrived at Terra Nova dyke to observe the amazing gathering of the snow geese! It was a beautiful and noisy sight, and the Wigeons seem to enjoy hanging around these beefy white birds as I saw several of them feeding side-by-side. And even more groups were coming by the time I was leaving.

Then I walked to the trail (where I saw the owl) and saw a Northern Flicker climbing up a tree and an interesting-looking mushroom. The mushroom either looks like a pancake or a serious pimple (huge difference, I know, but it is what it is). I also saw this nest up on the tree, I wonder who its occupant is/was.

But overall, today feels so good. Nice weather and seeing many animals, today made me think perhaps working and going out once or twice in a week is good for my appreciation of nature, as long as the weather permits.

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