Sunday's busy exploration

On Sunday, I went to the Minoru Lake to see what kind of waterfowls I can see there. Not surprisingly, I saw many Canada Geese, Mallards, Wigeons, and Wood Duck, which I finally took one decent photo of. Hooray!!

I also came across a strange hybrid which I guess is a mix between a (female) mallard and something - perhaps a male goose?

Now, the surprising part was coming across a couple of rabbits running around and munching on carrots. I am not sure if there are owners out walking these animals or are they just abandoned pets, but then who gave them the carrots? I know there was a bunny situation on several farms in Richmond several years ago, but I haven't been following up on that story in a while. I just hope this current bunny population doesn't escalate to the ones observed in UVic, otherwise the city would have another case of high animal abundance situations (beside the Snow Geese situation) and this one would be permanent. I really wish people would think about the potential consequences before buying pets that they aren't going to care for in a while.

As I was looking around, I came across this mosquito landing on a flower petal which I thought was neat.

Another interesting observation was meeting this funny-looking Eastern Gray Squirrel with a proportionally short bushy tail (which totally defies the meaning Scuridae if it does not have a bushy tail). It probably lost part of its tail due predation, competition, or naturally. As I was leaving, it gave me some great Spider-man poses too. What a interesting fellow.

Then in the afternoon, I biked to the dyke to look around, I saw the same cat from Saturday again. This time not looking lost but stalking some poor birds and doing what felines do best. I guess nobody is missing a cat at home then.

Near the golf course, I spent quite a while looking at this group of mallards and a wood duck being adventurous and going under the fence and into the golf course. Then they had a blast trying to find their way out while their friends are on the other side. Definitely an entertaining moment!

I didn't saw the Snow Geese on this side of the dyke that day, such a shame. Seeing and hearing those animals on my bike ride has becoming somewhat of a habit.

The beautiful fall colors!

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