Coldness is here...and so are the Snow Geese

Today is quite cold compared to the last few days. I can already tell that when I need to put on a hoodie and a jacket just to stop the cold air from going through my T-shirt. Biked to the dyke again to look around. There were very few people there too, I guess nobody is comfortable yet with the winter-like temperatures when it just turned autumn.

The sky was full of improper shaped V's. Near Francis, there was a white patch of at least 300 Snow Geese. Quite a scene with their number and loud honks they make. I wonder how the residents near there get through it during the winter.

Near Blundell, I saw a Bald Eagle just relaxing with an incomplete nest near by. A couple of walkers armed with huge SLR cameras clicked their shots away while I took pictures with my pitiful camera. But it's the attitude that counts not the quality resulting pictures (at least that's what I kept telling myself). It's definitely a handsome but lonely fella, unlike those noisy Snow Geese.

I also saw a couple of Great Blue Herons who are just as quiet and magnificent looking as the Bald Eagle. Then it was time to go home if I want to catch my TV shows on time.

Oh yeah, on the way home, I saw this Nemo-like (or is it a porcupine fish?) cloud that I thought was very cute.

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