Camera malfunction...hope it's once-in-a-lifetime thing.

I was going to the dyke yesterday, but the rain came as soon as I was getting ready, so I didn't.

I took full advantage of the nice sunshine at noon and went at the first break that I can get. Beautiful. The sky was perfectly blue with just enough clouds to make it a speechless scene. Took many pictures. Saw a couple of Northern Harriers flying close to the pathways. I was going to get some good pictures but they flew farther away as I approached.

I also saw two grasshoppers (of two different colors) on the deck of the lookout at the Terra Nova Natural Area. I think they are the ones identified by Mr. Griffith here. Therefore, they are in the Family Acrididae, Subfamily Melanopilinae, and Genus Melanoplus, and are some type of short-horned grasshoppers. The brighter colored one had ripped wings, such a shame. I wondered how it ended up like this, in a fight or something? Not sure about their species though. As a punishment to my ignorance, my camera decided to quit on me at that time, leaving me helpless and scared. I owned this camera for less than two months, and I had not even used it at the beautiful shots that I wanted to take. Noooooo!!!!

Still, I was already outside and no point in going back home with a heavy heart. So I continued with the trail and saw at least hundreds of snow geese settling down on the banks of Sturgeon Bank. Oh, how I really wish my camera was working at the time. That's when I decided to head back home. A "naturalist" is useless without a camera, especially if you want to show people what you saw.

Got back home and replaced the battery on the camera. Prayed. Then turned the camera on. Voila, it worked. Thanked the god. Next time, remember to bring the spare battery.

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