Bike ride to the dyke.

Such a clear and beautiful day today, except that it was very chilly and windy near the dyke. Most of the ducks were huddling around and staying still to keep warm. But the Wood Ducks for some reason are quite active today and very approachable.

Twice today, two bald eagles were directly hovering on top of me. Being the clumsy and easily-wowed person that I am, I didn't pull out my camera fast enough to snap some pictures. Shoot!

I also came across this lightly-colored waterfowl. I am not sure if it's a variation of female mallard or not.

The most interesting sighting of the day was probably coming up close with a small group of Snow Geese. They are indeed truly beautiful and powerful birds. Spending time just admiring them made me think how stupid the city's plan is of getting rid of them. Perhaps we can collect the goose dung and use them as natural fertilizers or something. I am pretty sure a twice-in-a-year thing isn't too hard to handle for people.

Today is also just a great day of simply admiring the beautiful autumn season.

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