No Franklin. And no lens cap.

It was a sunny Sunday and I headed out to Steveston again to try and see if I can find the Franklin's Gull again.

On my way to Steveston, I stopped at the dock to see if I can spot some eagles.

Then I heard an eagle calling, and so I quickly took out my new lens, opened the lens cap, accidentally dropped it on the ground, and watched it rolled through the cracks onto the platform below.

And there it lays on its new home now. Gosh darn it!!! These squeeze lens caps are always a nightmare of mine, it's so easy to fell off that this is just waiting to happen.

As much as I like to blame it on this eagle, I think it was the Asian man that was slowly approaching me for some apparent reason while I was switching my lens. I can't say how I really feel here, but this whole thing sucks.

Anyways, need to put the whole thing behind me (and just need to be more careful next time and perhaps time to buy a lens cap with a strap or something) and enjoy the rest of the day.

Taking some artsy images of the colorful heritage buildings.

Big roof and little roof

Red reflection

Reality and reflections
This one is my favorite of the day.

Then I got to Garry Point. Snow Geese flying overhead.

Fluffy cloudAlign CenterClouds slowly rolling by.

And for some reason, there has been a lot of letters in the local newspaper about people not liking this art scuplture. My opinion? It is kind of interesting and definitely a beautiful piece of artwork, and if people don't like it, they don't have to look at it. I am not so sure how hard turning your head the other way is.

No Franklin's Gull again today. Guess I missed my chance. Getting a bit chilly, time to go home.

Blurry cormorant flying.

Playing with the art filter in my camera again.

Where the sunset meets the river
The sunrays in the water make a beautiful image.

So is this Cormorant against such a mysterious background.

Back to work tomorrow.

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