Maple, pigeon and waterworks in the rain

The weather in the morning was decent, so I figured I would go out for a walk and take some photos during lunchtime. But when I got to the lobby, it was raining!

Oh well, I am not heading back to the office to stare at the computer again.

Maple in soft focus
I found a nice dry spot outside a building with this golden maple tree. Without the structural backgrounds, it is easy to forget that I am in the city. The image didn't come out so well, so I made it into a soft focus image. Definitely going to come to this spot again when the lighting is better.

Pigeon in the rain

Pigeon-watching in the rain
Then I went to another building and started pictures of this pigeon in the rain.

As well as photographing the rain drops on the ledge against a dark background! Almost like fireworks, except smaller and wetter.

1 comment:

Cicero Sings said...

I like that first picture of the leaf. I like the colours. Interesting how you captured those rain drops!

Snow here and quite a lot of it. -14C

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