Nelson Park and Bute Street

I had to work today and I didn't take photos for the last few days so this would be photos from Thursday, when I had to go to a hotel during lunchtime and put away some stuff for our seminars. Afterwards, I went to Nelson Park again and then walked along Bute Street to head back to the office. I must say Bute Street is an amazing colorfulittle gem in Vancouver for photography. What a nice spot.

Nelson Park (playing with the Pin-Hole effect in the camera)

There is a stretch of community gardens (I think) along the sidewalk and the park. What a great use of urban green space. This "guard bear" is doing a good job.

Ashby House Bed & Breakfast
Ashby House Bed & Breakfast, adjacent from the park.

Then it was turning onto Bute Street. Love the colours in all these photos.

Brick and leaves

Street Photo

Bute Street

How many colours can you see?
Back to urban end of the street.

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Cicero Sings said...

My sister lived on Bute ... back in the '70s.

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