Basset Hound, Building, Ice, Ramen and Lights in Vancouver

Here are some photos taken during my lunch break and after work.

Junior waiting for its master to come out of the coffee shop and howling every few seconds or so.

I like the details on the staircase, as well as the faded building in the background.

Still cold here in Vancouver. Many water fountains are surrounded by ice. Definitely an interesting sight.

Walked by this place on Robson Street, and I thought a hot ramen would be good on a cold day such as today.

My Kimchi Ramen (or something like that. I just remember it's number 9 on the menu) - spicy with an extra boiled egg. The egg was perfect and everything was delicious. I am definitely coming back here when I don't bring lunch to work.

The water fountain outside the work building was cased with ice too. Pretty. Too bad, the light metering was off - I wasn't paying attention at the time. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Checkered Building
The checkered building in the background. I wonder how much energy we can save by just turning out all those lights!

A rather random post today, but this was my day. Good night.

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