November first and second combined - old friend, food, art, car, life

This post won't be as organized as the previous ones since I don't really have time after work to organize and edit the photos that I like and upload them individually and immediately. I just uploaded photos from my camera, did a quick organization (by date), and picked out the ones I like from each day and put them together in a collage.

This first collage is from the first day of the month when my co-worker/friend from Ontario came to Vancouver and we met up after my work had finished and he drove around the city, first to see Vancouver from Kitslano and then trying to find a good (and inexpensive) teriyaki restaurant. It was a good night - good to see an old buddy, finally met his lady friend, and hear about their journeys for the past month. I really hope I will get a chance to visit him in Pemberton after this work season has finished.

On Tuesday, I walked around the city searching for food and good photo spots. I came across Nelson Park and heard many birds singing, including a few Cedar Waxwings bathing and drinking from a man-made pool. It is a nice park that I visited it again today (photos to come in other times). Then I had a quick burger at Triple O's and then saw the awesome "I AM EH" Car. Definitely one of the most unique cars I have ever seen. The car has a very deep message behind it too - check out this post for a video and some of the messages in an handout by the side of the car (I took one too but haven't got a chance to fully read and appreciate it yet).

Into Autumn
This is in the collage but for some reason I just to put it in Flickr. I like this photo and it reminds me of the times when I used to take pictures of everything without worrying about too much stuff. A disadvantage of knowledge, I suppose.


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