Cityscape and bird-watching from Jericho Beach

Today I went to Vancouver to pick up a reference letter from one of my old professors for my application to Trent University. Since she lived close to Jericho Beach, I decided to walk down to it and take some pictures.

It was a cloudy day with raining clouds gathering together, and so it seemed more appropriate to have black-and-white photos to tell a more interesting story.

Peaceful North Shore Mountains.

Vancouver City
The city from afar.

Sailing class.

Darkness in the water
Looking into the water.

More like a drawing than a photo.

Changing clouds
Clouds gathering.

Still surrounded by city
Saw a paddle-boarder paddling out to sea. What a cool sport.

City never goes away
Man, Nature, City.

Cityscape Pt. 2
Vancouver in darkness.

And of course, I took some photos of wildlife.

Saw a couple Double-crested Cormorants fishing close to the beach.

A lonely female Bufflehead all by herself.

Then there was this Bonaparte's Gull flying around the dock wanting to get some scraps from the crab-fisherman. It was very difficult to focus on this bird with my 70-300 lens and with the poor lighting.

It is such a small gull that harassment from other larger gulls is unavoidable.

Bonaparte's Gull (Larus philadelphia)
I will remember what you did!

Bonaparte's Gull (Larus philadelphia)
Finally it landed for a quick pose.

Bonaparte's Gull (Larus philadelphia)
On the rocks pecking at the barnacles (?).


Song Sparrow (I think) looking for something in the water.

(Golden) Eagle flying home.

Then the rain started to pour down and so I went to a library in UBC and spent the next few hours downloading research papers (that I do not have access to anymore) about pollintion, etc.

A good day overall.

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