Camera without battery is just like...

I went out today thinking that my usual equipments were all inside my backpack - camera(s), binocular, and water. But turned out I only have water and one camera, and the battery for that camera was still plugged to the charger in my room (since last night). D'oh.

It made me wonder what kind of person I am. A shutterbug that likes to take pictures of animals and plants? Or an (amateur) naturalist that takes pictures to remind himself of that things that happened while he's out. The answer became too difficult for me to decide, so I gave up and enjoyed the bike ride with only what I got (or hadn't got), i.e. a living lens of 50mm and a brain-powered memory card. Good thing nothing special was observed today, or else I would be very mad at myself.

Here's the bird count for today:
- Bald Eagles (5)
- Great Blue Heron (4)
- Mallards (many)
- American Wigeons (many)
- Green-winged Teals (3)
- Red-winged Blackbird (many)
- Black-capped Chickadee (10+)
- Dark-eyed Junco (10+)
- Sparrows (many)
- Spotted Towhee (10+)

Sorry there're no pictures. But if you follow this blog long enough, you'll know the positions and the birds that I was talking about.

By the way, the pair of adult Bald Eagles were observed again together in their nest again today. Three consecutive times they had been observed together - with one inside the nest and out outside. I wonder what is going on?

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