Wonderful Birding Thursday!

Quite a lot of pictures today as I biked to the dyke, so bare with me. I am just really enjoying taking pictures now.

Even a crow is an interesting subject now.

Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
But nothing beats taking photos of the spectacular-looking Bald Eagle though. There were two adults at first, followed by a juvenile that flew by.

This was the second adult Bald Eagle. It was feeding on something as there were two crows near it waiting for leftovers, I think.

Next up was a Northern Flicker, flying from the marsh to hiding between the branches. I can still take your pictures now, you know?

Cropped picture to see the Northern Flicker better. You can even see the red moustachial strip on this "Red-shafted Flicker".

Cloudy day today.

I enjoy taking pictures of the Great Blue Heron staring at its own reflection. Or perhaps it was looking for sticklebacks, goldfish, and even salmon fry, like Huckleberry Days says.

This Red-tailed Hawk was found perched on top of houses again! I am jealous of the people living near the Natural Area.

Cropped picture of the hawk. It has such a weird looking face when you see it up close. Ha.

I was playing running-back-and-forth with this female Hooded Merganser. She sure likes playing hard to get.

Walking back home, I saw these two adults perched in the distance.

And there were these two juveniles perched quite closely to each other (about four or five trees apart). I wonder if they are all related to each other.

The last bird I saw was this Northern Harrier. Too bad I was too excited about seeing it that I didn't get a good photo. Following Wanderin' Weeta's advice, I cropped this photo, added contrast, and some of other things to make the harrier stand out more. Thanks for the advice, Wanderin' Weeta!

Overall, today was just a great birding day! Can't say nothing more.


Cicero Sings said...

I can see you are putting that new camera to good use. I love digital ... one can rush home and find instant gratification ... no waiting for films to be developed!! And, one can click away to their hearts delight because deleting is no problem ... no expensive film to worry about wasting!

Some lovely shots of that eagle and your hawk cropped up quite nicely!

PSYL said...

Thank you.

I just got into photography less than a year ago and it's amazing.

Before digital, I only used the one-time use film cameras so I had no experience with the proper camera settings. But it's definitely much cheaper with the absence of films and photo development.

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