Gorgeous sunset today

I went outside today after 4:30pm. Not a great time to go birding since the sun was about to set. So I grabbed my bike to get to the dyke faster.

Another brilliant day. I can get used to this kind of winter all season long.

First bird (worth seeing): Great Blue Heron. The other birds saw before the heron were: Red-winged Blackbirds and Mallards.

Next stop: Terra Nova Natural Area. If you look closely, you will notice an Accipiter perched on top of one of the trees.

It was too far away for my camera and/or binocular. Such a shame. It seemed like a magnificent-looking bird.

Another Great Blue Heron

What, sun is already setting?

Looking across the Sturgeon Bank towards the Gulf Islands. This picture is my new heading background picture.

I must be late today, the Bald Eagles had already returned home and was ready for me to take pictures. Side-by-side today? Hope the branch holds.

The sky getting orangier and more beautiful.

No panorama setting on my camera, so this is what you'd see if you were there with me. Gorgeous! I am glad I was a little bit late today.


Cicero Sings said...

Very lovely sky ... it WAS a good thing you were late.

Yes ... blog entry titles ... hard to come up with creative ones ALL of the time ... for me sign offs can be that way too.

Somehow your entries haven't been coming up in my bloglines ... again ... so I've tried a different view ... maybe that will do the trick.

PSYL said...

Do you use the gadget "Blog List"? I'm sorry to hear that my blog doesn't appear on yours. No worries, just remember to visit often. Thanks.

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