Sunday Comic: The Other Coast (2009-03-01)

One of my favorite cartoons to read in the Sunday Funnies is "The Other Coast" by Adrian Raeside, a local cartoonist whose inspirations probably come from things that affected me personally as well. I like it because...well, it is usually about humans sharing Earth with other creatures and some of our uncaring or ignorant views about it.

I like this week's cartoon because it might be what my future looks like. I just hope my life is more Steve Fury than Mr. Couch Potato.

PS - I tried to go out today. I really did, but rain started to fall as soon as I stepped outside. Sigh, the forecast predicts four straight days of rain. I hope they are wrong again.


Cicero Sings said...

Don't be taken in by pretty faces ... be sure to find a soul mate! Even if it takes a few years. I had to wait until I was 50 ... hopefully you won't have to wait so long!!!

We had a big melt day. The sun shone here for most of the day.

PSYL said...

Thanks for the advice, Cicero Sings, I'll definitely keep that in mind. I truly believe that a relationship works best when two people share common interests or have similar views.

I do not think I will get along with someone that does things contradict to what I believe or do myself. Maybe that's just me.

But I am glad you have someone to call a "soulmate". They are pretty hard to find. Cheers!

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