Friday, the 13th

Not sure how to start today. Quite normal and usual, beside the fact that it's Friday, the 13th, when all weird things are suppose to take place. I guess the only strange part about today was that I didn't see any Bald Eagles nor Red-tailed Hawk. Strange enough for you? On with the pictures.

This is the panoramic view to the North Shore Mountains. My new camera came with a software to do panoramas, I like it. Better than me stitching pictures together with PowerPoint.

Some people's houses have Passerines or roosters singing in the morning. Us? We have singing gulls.

In the afternoon, on my walk, Northern Harriers were flying all around me - enticing me to take their pictures or something. It gave me a chance to see if I can take good bird-in-flight pictures.

They were okay, I guess, with a little bit of photo-editing afterwards. Still room left to improve.

A Triceratop skull, no? They are my favorite kind of dinosaurs.

Watching this Great Blue Heron crossing this log.

House Finches (?) - male (on the right) and female (on the left)

Northern Flicker with the back exposed.

A male Northern Pintail with its back exposed to me.

Saw this duo of dedicated photographers venturing into the marsh trying to photograph the sunset. Before this, I saw an American Bittern flew from one spot in the marsh to another, landed around where these photographers were.

I see the bird on the left almost everyday. How do I know? Because it is different from other female Mallards. I wonder what kind of mix it is.

Walking home, this Great Blue Heron gave me the killer's ice-cold stare that gives me the chills. That's it, I am going home.


Cicero Sings said...

Always room to improve but I think you did pretty darn good on those in-flight pictures. I'm jealous of all the bird life down there. Not much happening up here bird wise ... not yet anyways. Give us another month!

Wanderin' Weeta said...

That heron photo is amazing!

PSYL said...

Thank you both. Grass is always greener on the other side. I am pretty sure there are beautiful wildlife up north too. And yes, I like that heron photo as well, although I cropped and edited the picture a bit.

shan-lin said...

those house finches look like they're puffing up their feathers at you? XD

happy valentines day!

PSYL said...

Shan-Lin: I believe they were just cold. I hoped they weren't bothered by me taking their photos. And happy belated V-Day to you too.

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