Successful birding Monday

Yesterday's weather wasn't so nice, so I didn't even bother to step outside. Today was pretty much the same but minus the rain. Animals (humans included) usually enjoy going outside after being sheltered for so long - either because of boredom or because the basic need to feed.

Cloudy gray day.

Great Blue Heron Number One.

Coming to Quilchena Golf Course, I saw four Bald Eagles flying across the marsh and starting to land on the trees. However, they were being extremely playful (or territorial) and air-tagged one another. Seeing this wonderful scene, I quickly ran to photograph this moment.

However, as soon as I ran past, I realized that there was something on a tree across from the ditch and the Bald Eagles. It was an Accipiter and the conspicuous eyebrow makes me believe that it is a Northern Goshawk, just like the one I saw last time. So I had the dilemma of either going after the playing Bald Eagles which I see quite frequently or this uncommon Goshawk. Actually, I am faced with a similar situation in my job-searching life, but I am not going to dwell on that here. In the end, I decided to run back and took pictures of the special Northern Goshawk.

Taking these pictures make me feel like a paparazzi - exciting but a bit shameful of disturbing the privacy of such a beautiful creature. Here are some cropped pictures to see the bird better (please let me know if I incorrectly identified this bird, thank you).

Then the Goshawk took off and caused a bit of scene from the near-by passerines. I found that it flew to a tree inside the golf course, but the picture of it ended up just a dark spot in the photograph so I decided not to post that.

The Bald Eagles (two adults) were still around, but no more acrobatic flying displays.

Great Blue Heron Number Two.

Great Blue Heron Number Three. It was trying to catch something on the field but was unsuccessful.

Northern Harrier flew by.

Walking around the Terra Nova Rural Area and I saw these extremely shy Hooded Mergansers. I kept walking back and forth (and they kept swimming in the opposite direction) just to get some pictures of them.

Walking back, I saw this lone adult Bald Eagle.

When it suddenly...

Turned around and mooned me! Ha.

A treetop full of noisy Red-winged Blackbirds.

Good evening.

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