Revisiting Jackson Park and the day/night before

First week of grad school went by very fast. Yesterday, we had WHMIS training in the morning (not really applicable to us biologists who uses very few chemicals in the lab) and more TA training in the afternoon (more applicable this time as it applied to situations in biology and during field works). Plus we got to know other graduate students and their research projects.

Nice weather yesterday.

Then in the evening, there was the second annual Pub Crawl hosted by Trent's Graduate Student Association (GSA). It was pretty fun because there were free or cheap beer and it was great getting to know and hanging out with people in my research lab.

This morning, I went to Jackson Park after breakfast to take some pictures.

When I got there, the first thing that caught my attention was this crow flying over my head, tried to land on a branch, but it for some reason crashed through the branches below and fell onto the ground.

I looked at it closely, and although it seemed fine it was bobbing its head very strangely. For a moment there, I was deciding if I should call someone (i.e. my friends or my supervisor). But as I was contemplating on what to do, I lost track of the crow and it had disappeared in the understorey.

I decided to let nature take its course and focus on taking some photos.

The "lake" in the park. It is quite big - much bigger than Terra Nova Slough or Minoru Lake, but smaller than Deer Lake.

The Pagoda bridge.

I spent a lot of time photographing the damselflies and dragonflies all around me.

Eastern Forktail (Ishnura verticalis)

I believe this is a Eastern Forktail (Ischnura verticalis).

Marsh Bluet (Enallagma ebrium)
Some species of bluet, I am taking a guess at Marsh Bluet.

White-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum obtrusum)
The description and range seems to fit for this White-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum obtrusum).

Unknown Damselfly
I am stumped at the identity of this damselfly (some kind of spreadwing, I believe).

Fishes in the lake.

Then I saw the crow again. It tried to fly and perch on another tree but failed again and landed on the parking lot. I took another photo of it. It seemed fine physically, perhaps it had some internal injury (e.g. its head)? It then flew from the ground to a tree and landed awkwardly but safely. I decided to leave it be and hope for the best.

Found a wasp/hornet nest in the ground.

A different kind of nest. It looks like a Bald-faced Hornet's nest.

Soft Bokeh
Many of these aster flowers in bloom and attracting bees, flies and other insects.

Crossing a little creek and through the forest.

A concrete bridge. It reminds me of the park near my home in Taipei.

Enjoying the weather
The other side of the lake.

Jackson Park
Sitting on a bench and enjoying the nice day.

Pagoda Bridge
The other side of the Pagoda bridge.

Leaving the park, I came across this small patch of community garden in a residential neighborhood.

Flower for a bed
Bumblebee finding a nice meal.

A strange-looking tomato.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.

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