Rock-climbing on a rock-flipping day

Today I went rock-climbing for the first time in my life. It has always been something I wanted to try two years ago but never really had a chance, and whenever I stared up on a rock surface or a tall tree, I always have the urges to reach up and pull myself up. Well, I finally did it today at Trent's rock-climbing wall. I went through the orientation of how to tie the knots when climbing, as well as how to belay climbers. Now I just need to find a partner to go regularly to fulfill my desires of leaving the surface of the earth and move upwards.

Speaking of rocks, today is also rock-flipping day. I remembered it when I got back from the gym and so I decided to just flip rocks around where I live.

Kerr House
Trent University's Kerr House.

The backyard. There were some rocks in here but most of them were placed for landscaping purposes and too heavy for me to flip them over.

So I started with something less dense, such as this wood.

Underneath? A cricket.

Flipping over a rock the size of my palm. Some ants.

School finally really begins tomorrow.

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