Animals from Trent's drumlin

Well, I have been busy with school. What more can I say?

Actually, I can talk about the alternating rainy-sunny days that have been going on this week. Or that I went to a M.Sc student thesis defense about her project on Chimney Swifts on Tuesday. Or that I led my first ever lab in Plant Ecology to a drumlin next to the campus to teach students how to conduct plant sampling.

Yesterday was pretty fun too, when the AAA club had a meeting and then some of us hiked up to the drumlin to look for birds. There wasn't many birds in the afternoon, but we did saw a few interesting animals.

Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis)
Such as this handsome garter snake.

Watching the Turkey Vulture hovering over us.

The views from the drumlin.

You can definitely tell that autumn is coming (which officially began yesterday).

Unknown hover fly.

Then we picked apples from apple trees on campus and ate them. Then someone found this cool-looking Praying Mantis (Mantis religiosa).

Ahh, so cool!

Currently raining right now. I'll probably go home soon, cook dinner, and do some work after that, especially if I want to Presqu'ile Provincial Park with the ornithology class this Sunday.

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