Sheep Slot of Ivvavik National Park

In Ivvavik National Park, the closest hiking destination (closer than Inspiration Point) to where we camp is called Sheep Slot, named after the northerly Dall Sheep that inhabit the park. Coincidentally, this is also one of my study sites, located in the sheltered areas next to the river where the soapberry plants grow and thrive.

Sheep Slot of Ivvavik National Park
One of the earlier photos where there was still snow on the British Mountains.

Caribous in the distance
If your eyesight is good enough, then you might notice the white dots on the field across the river are caribous. I forgot to bring my telephoto lens that day and these were the only shots I took.

Gorgeous Day at Sheep Slot

Sheep Slot of Ivvavik National Park
Towards the end of the field season. Until next summer.

School begins tomorrow. So excited!

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