Jackson Park, Peterborough

My mother returned back to BC yesterday, so I am officially on my way through graduate school now. Just need to wait for the classes to start next Tuesday.

I went for a short jog in the morning when I was taking out the garbage. It was incredibly warm and humid but it felt good to explore and discover more of Peterborough.

Then in the afternoon, I went to check out a park nearby where I live called Jackson Park. It is a beautiful place with a small lake right at the entrance with many trails and streams running around it. [Most of the photos in this post were taken with the OM lens. I'll probably use the wider lens the next time.]

There is an interesting structure that makes the park that much more photogenic - the Pagoda Bridge.

Pagoda Bridge

Pagoda Bridge

Reality versus Reflection
Interesting reflection.

Since it was my first time here, I didn't really know which trails I was on and actually made a couple of loops around the park. But I guess it didn't matter because I was just exploring and enjoying the new city.

Dead mouse on a trail.

Pretty little chicory
A chicory flower, I believe.

The flower at the bottom is the Orange Jewelweed, a flower that I saw last year ago in Algonquin.

Some of the trails and streams around the park.

Bench under a tree.

I was here. A part of the Peterborough Bikeways and Trails map. Incredibly useful.

Peterborough Sign. I like it.

Hazy sun and sky reflected in the water.

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