2011 Peterborough Folk Festival

Today, my mother and I spent an entertaining afternoon at the Peterborough Folk Festival. This event is much smaller than the Mariposa Folk Festival that I attended last year in Orillia, but it is just as fun to attend (plus it's free too!).

Peterborough Folk Festival
The turnout was still quite impressive given only a handful of musicians playing and some vendors (comparing to Mariposa again).

Nicholls Oval Park
The major event was the Festival Stage located at this beautiful grassy hill.

Peterborough Folk Festival
Looking down at the stage.

The stage took longer than expected to set up, but it was finally ready to go after about 30 minutes behind schedule.

The opening musician was Kate LeDuce accompanied by The Beer Barons.

Peterborough Folk Festival
Kate has a powerful voice that earned her the Emerging Artist Award of last year.

Next was Melissa Payne, this year's Emerging Artist Award winner and the artist that I was looking forward to listen to live after watching this music video.

Melissa Payne at Peterborough Folk Festival

Melissa Payne at Peterborough Folk Festival
Melissa's alluring voice was a delight to listen to; and overall, I am impressive by the whole festival and like Peterborough even more now.

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