Looking back at Inuvik Community Greenhouse

My family and I went out for meals the entire day, as well as getting some groceries and running errands, so here are some photos from July 23 when I visited Inuvik Community Greenhouse - Linkdefinitely much greener compare to almost two months ago.

It's quite incredible to see the fruits and veggies and flowers that the local residents grow. The benefits of living in a place that receives 24 hours of daylight for a couple of months in the summer.

The greenhouse was quite hot that day. Sometimes it can get up to almost 50 degrees Celsius, according to one of the growers.

There were plenty of pollinators in the greenhouse as well.

An unknown bumblebee with white band at the end of its abdomen.


P7232154LinkThen there was this bee mimic, I believe this is some kind of a Dronefly (Family Syrphidae). From the helps of BugGuide, it appears to be Eristalis flavipes.

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