Happy Taiwan Day & Sad Farewell Party

Today is Taiwan National Day (10/10), and my supervisor invited me and fellow co-workers and friends to her house for a party.

Dahu Park MRT Station

Dahu Park

My co-workers and I met at the MRT station first and strolled around in Dahu Park before we headed to the host's home.

Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) - 小白鷺
Little Egret with an injured leg.

There were some fishermen in the fishing area. Near the fishermen were Intermediate and Little Egrets waiting for get little fishes that the fishermen do not want.

Intermediate Egret (Egretta intermedia) - 中白鷺
Intermediate Egret

Intermediate Egret (Egretta intermedia) taking off - 中白鷺
Intermediate Egret preparing to take off when we got too close.

Afterwards, we walked to our supervisor's home, where we had a great feast and wonderful time together. They even presented me with a surprise gift. After a wonderful lunch and a satisfied belly, we hiked to a mountain trail behind the house and headed towards a waterfall promised to be a wonderful scenic view. And indeed it was.

Liyu Mountain

Pretty little stream along the trail

Formosan Gossamerwing (Euphaea formosa) - 短腹幽蟌
While crossing the (above) bridge, we saw a Formosan Gossamerwing.

Large banana flower!

Loyal dog guarding its owner's home.

Preparing to go into the mountain.

Liyu Mountain

Liyu Mountain
What a beautiful habitat!

Unnamed waterfall on Liyu Mountain
The beautiful (unnamed) waterfall as promised! I think I will call it Waterfall of Good Memories!

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