Full bike ride to the dyke

I went out for my first full bike ride since coming back to Canada. Despite being familiar with the area in most senses, the sudden change in the biodiversity takes a while to get use to.

As I bike along the dyke, a sudden movement behind me caught my attention. It was a cat...with something in its mouth. A bird? As I quickly took out my camera, the cat already crossed the trail and headed towards someone's home.
I believe the prey was a Red-winged Blackbird from the initial looks of it.
I guess this homely cat still got its animal instincts!

It was good to see old familiar animals again, like mallards and this Great Blue Heron.

Maybe it was the experience I gained this summer, but I am quite interested in cavity nesters now, such as this Northern Flicker.

This male just perched on top of the dead tree and drumming loudly on it every 3 minutes or so, and then looking around. I wonder what was the purpose of that? Territory, perhaps.

Snow Geese have arrived home. And so have I.

Moon watching on 2009-10-27
Beautiful evening.

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