I am back...in Canada!

Sorry for not posting in such a long time, but my life was too full for me to post in the last couple of weeks, especially with me coming back from my work trip in southern Taiwan, saying good-byes to all of my friends in Taipei, packing to go back to central Taiwan, saying good-byes again to all of my family members, packing again to come back to Vancouver (via Japan), etc etc. Ahhh!

Well, I am finally back in Canada again. My plans? To finish up writing my paper, meet up with friends, go back to school and talk to professors about my paper and grad school, and whatever happens along the way.

This summer, I learned that planning is just a guideline, not something written in stone. Who would had thought that I ended up assisting a bird research project (instead of helping with a moth survey, which never happened, by the way), writing a paper, staying in Taiwan for an extended two more months, and meeting such wonderful people. I am so grateful!

I'll post some photos when I have time, but now I'm heading to sleep.

365 days ago (2008-10-24) ...


Hugh said...

Welcome home. You did a great job of showing us another part of the world.

BTW, There's been a Black Phoebe along the dike by the golf course, just north of Blundell. see ebird.ca/sightings

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Welcome home! And you're just in time for the rain!

PSYL said...

Thank you both!

I have been missing reading everyone's blogs, hope I will catch up soon.

Thanks for the tip, Hugh. If the weather is permitting, I'll start my daily walks again. And yes, WW, just in time for the rain. Sigh.

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