Brown Shrike in TBG!

Wow, I finally have photos to share!

I found my friends this morning doing their regular Wednesday research when one of them told me that he saw Brown Shrikes today. Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus lucionensis) is a migratory species that is commonly found in Taiwan during the winter. Like other shrikes, they are territorial and likes to perch on posts keeping watch of their territory. However, using this particular habit, there had been many illegal catchings in Taiwan where hunters fashioned a trapper on top of a perching stick so that they can be captured and be sold as food. Thankfully, this practice is completely banned, but I am sure it still takes place in more rural areas.

Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus lucionensis)

Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus lucionensis) - 灰頭紅尾伯勞
Relax Mr. Shrike, you're safe here in TBG.

In the afternoon, there was a presentation for all the volunteers that assisted us with our Taiwan Barbet in TBG during the breeding season. The presentation was about our findings, results and key discussion that I worked hard on these last couple of months. It was also a sad moment for me to say hello and good-bye to all the elderly volunteers whom I have become friends with but probably won't see again before I leave for Canada. Thank you all!

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