Day Trip to Taichung

Today I went to Taichung with a couple of good friends to visit an art exhibit by one of the friend's elementary school friend. The art gallery was a real gem hidden in the crowded rural street market, and the exhibit was wonderful with fantastic large paintings of simple outside scenes.

No photographing inside the gallery, so I only took a photo of the outside poster.

Afterwards we went to National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung City, and coincidentally we arrived on the last day of the Darwin 200 exhibit. Being biologists, the three of us were very excited to be fortunate enough to catch this exhibit.

The museum is well-known for its permanent exhibit of "Age of Dinosaurs", which I visited everytime I was there when I was young.

Triceratops spp.

The newer part of the museum is the indoor Botanical Garden. Sadly, we only had enough time to see the Darwin display in the main building before closing time. So we took photos of the garden from the outside only.

I can only imagine how fantastic the inside must be!

HUGE butterfly!

Closing time...

Another wonderful day today with close friends and happy memories.

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