Rain and another death

In the morning, I went to the nest tree from last week to see if the fledgling is ready to leave its nest yet, especially after the rainy weekend which I suspect had flooded the nest cavity. We will be trying to catch, measure, and tag it if it does leave nest today.

The young fledgling shyly poking its head out of the nest hole.

Afterwards, I went back to the office and saw the bad news that our rescued barbet had just passed away a few minutes before I arrived the office. Sigh. Death seems to be quite common for these pretty birds. This young bird was not suppose to survive long with all of its injuries, but it had grow strongly during our care. It was sad to see it pass away.


While helping the volunteer observers, we caught this Swinhoe's Japalura and placed it near the a molted cicada shell.

In the afternoon, heavy rain and thunderstorm kept me in the office editing and translating papers. We went to check on the fledgling again, and we saw the (single) parent bird returning back to the nest and feeding its young. So, I guess we will be trying to catch the fledgling tomorrow again.

PS - The adapter for connecting my camera with the teleconverter lens has finally arrived! Can't wait to try it out when the weather gets better.


Chris said...

Nice to see pictures of the fledgling bird, on the contrary quite that to see that your rescue did not work out!!!

PSYL said...

Hi Chris. Thanks for the comment...and yes, it was sad to see another barbet pass away.

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