Photo of the Day: Muller's Barbet

Today is Saturday, but most people (including me) had to work today since we actually got a day off for the four-day long weekend last week. Since no volunteers were available, the research assistants and I spent most of the times today checking all the known nest cavities and following up on the present status of all the nests.

Muller's Barbet (Megalaima nuchalis) - 五色鳥

In the afternoon, I was appointed to one of the sites where the eggs had mysteriously gone missing and asked to see what the adult barbets are up to now - making a new brood, creating a new nest elsewhere, or nothing? After more than three hours, I am still not sure because the male bird didn't try to feed the female bird to impress her, otherwise we can predict a second brood is in the making. I also tried follow them after they exit the cavities but it was too difficult as they flew quite far away to distances and left me behind in the dust.

Sigh, the world of animals is so exciting and interesting...but also complicated. Patience, got to have patience.

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