Visiting Junjianyan Hill

I had a nice long sleep until late morning. After having breakfast and lunch at later times than usual, I decided to hike Junjianyan, a local hill with an elevation of 192-m that is a popular location among daily morning hikers and families during the weekend.

Sights along the hike. From here you can see most of the urban northern Taipei City.

Junjianyan means "Battleship Rock" in Chinese - because at the top of the hill, a large white rock resembles the front of a battleship.

Me standing at the highest point of the rock and enjoying the blue sunny day.

Afterwards, I hiked to the nearby Huang-Xi Shan (shan = mountain).

There are plenty of beautiful plants to photograph, including these colorful flowers.

The mountain is covered by mid-altitude shrubs, ferns, and trees and is very hot in the mid-day. Therefore, animals were very difficult to spot. Can you see the animals in the above pictures?

Other insects provided less problem in seeing them.

That's all for today. I am feeling quite sleepy after a nice cool beer after the shower, and need to arrive early for work tomorrow. Have a nice new week, everyone.

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