Blue sky in Taipei

Lately, the Water Lily Pond in the botanical garden had been surrounded by many photographers as the flowers are in the blossoming stage.

The weather forcast for today was suppose to be rainy (same as yesterday), but drizzle came in short phases and soon the sky was cleared!

View from the 12th floor of our building. The tallest building in the background is the famous Taipei 101.

Royal palm (Roystonea regia) against rare blue sky in Taipei
Beautiful blue sky with Royal Palms.

In the afternoon, I watched the barbets all by myself. After I finished, I came back to the office to work on translating the written barbet research paper (from last year) that is to be submitted to Taiwan Journal of Forest Science. It is pretty exciting to be helping with a potentially published paper. Afterwards, I discussed my research ideas with my supervisor for my actual internship that starts in two weeks.

While in the garden, my co-worker showed me a nest cavity of Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis) that he just found. Even though it is a pretty bird, they are quite disliked as they are an alien species that competes for nest cavities with barbets and other native cavity nesters.
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Two White-rumped Shama fledglings.

As I was about to leave work, I went to the rooftop and sky-watched. I don't think I stopped and really enjoyed the sky in a while. But of course, it is quite rare to see a cleared sky in Taipei.

Sky-watching and Taipei 101 watching.


Cicero Sings said...

What a gorgeous water lily! Glad you are seeing some blue skies.

PSYL said...

Thanks, CS. Hope blue skies are over in Canada too!

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