Trip to Ottawa

I just returned from a five-day trip in Ottawa where I looked for a place to move into next week, visited the professor whom I will be working for, and took care of some administrative stuff for my admission to the University of Ottawa.

I arrived on Friday evening and I spent the entire Saturday looking at (three) different places and decided on one later that day.  Then I headed over to the chosen place on Sunday morning to hand in a deposit for the place.  Afterwards, I bused to downtown to take a break and took some photos.

National Gallery of Canada.  As you can probably tell, the weather was kind of crappy that day.  Definitely visiting this place at least a few times for the next few years.

A giant spider sculpture (a.k.a. Maman) by Louise Bourgeois outside the gallery, the same artist (and similar work) I saw in New Orleans almost four months ago.

Rainy day.  I took this photo because I was surprised at the leaves still on the trees.

Took this interesting photo with the point-and-shoot.

Parliament of Canada
Then I took out my DSLR with the OM lens and recaptured the image.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica
The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa.  From what I have seen online, I would love to photograph the interior architecture of this cathedral.

Major's Hill Park
Still a hint of autumn.

Fairmont Château Laurier
Dog walker at Major's Hill Park with Fairmont Château Laurier in the background.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica
Another look at the Cathedral.

Parliament Hill

Parliament of Canada
The buildings and coloured hill.

Hard to photograph things when the sky is so washed-out.



Pont Alexandra Bridge.  Another place I will definitely be visiting when I get settled in Ottawa.

Parliament of Canada
The Peace Tower

The Parliament building has several interesting creatures on its walls.

An owl warrior.

The main entrance was guarded by the two animals found in the Royal Coat of Arms of Canada. On the left is a fierce lion.

On the right is an unicorn with its tongue sticking out.  According to this teaching resource about the Parliament, the unicorn is traditionally a symbol of chivalry and purity, and it represents Scotland and holds a pennant that represents France.

Parliament of Canada
Peace Tower from the side.

Owl drawing on the sidewalk.

Took some bokeh photos inside the Rideau Centre.

On Monday, I met with the professor to talk about my Ph.D. project (which I may create a new blog/site for) and later learned that I will be accepted into uOttawa (but my averages are not good enough for Admission Scholarship - $9000/year!!!).  I took some time afterwards to figure out how exactly my averages were calculated and then went on a guided campus tour.  I really hope my provincial and national scholarship applications will be accepted.  Fingers crossed.

Took a photo of the ceiling in Tabaret Hall while waiting for the tour to start.

On the way back to Peterborough this afternoon.  Nothing like being on a 4.5-hour bus ride to force me to look back at choices I have made to get to this point in life.

On a complete random note, today is 11/12/13...

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