Life in Peterborough winding down

As my work here at Trent winds down, I have a very very very busy month ahead of me as I have to pack, find housing in Ottawa, and then move there, all the while arrange for my parents to travel from BC and Ontario (because they want to help me move).  I'm up to my ears in searching for housings, car rentals, travel and accommodations for my parents; therefore, I may disappear for a week or a month.

The poor weather this past week did not help with my stress, until today when the sun came out.  I decided to bike to school and visited the Trent's Wildlife Sanctuary (probably one last time).  Sigh.

Foams on the Otonabee River.

Abstract art on Otonabee
They make interesting abstract images that reminds me of the artwork in the Abarat novels that I read earlier this year.

Abstract art on Otonabee
What do you see?

Entrance to the Wildlife Sanctuary.

I decided to take the "alternate" yellow trail today.  Never been on it before.

Unknown fungi.

Downy Woodpecker far far away.  I used manual focus to get this shot.

It was probably very cold here at night.

Frost-tipped leaf
Black and white close-up.

Frost-tipped leaf
Black and white close-up #2.

Frost between the walking boards.


Tunnel-like path.

Left-over apples on the tree.  I tried one of them and it tasted way too ripe.  Not so good.

Catch you all later...

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