Moving from Peterborough to Ottawa

I officially moved to Ottawa on Friday, thanks to my parents who flew from BC to Ontario to help me move.

Here are some photos from the past few days.

On Wednesday (Nov 20), while bored from packing, I looked at the wasp nest next to the house and found that all of the wasps were dead (probably from the cold) and so I took the nest out of the crevice.

Close-up on the nest.

On Thursday (Nov 21), I woke up extra early to take the Greyhound to Toronto and meet my parents at the airport (and then drive a rental van back to Peterborough).  The sunrise was beautiful on that day.


Last sunrise in Peterborough
The last sunrise (photographed at Peterborough).

My father and I shared driving from Peterborough to Ottawa on Friday (Nov 22), and then we unpacked, bought and set up a bed from IKEA, and I drove my parents to family hostel in the evening.  Yesterday (Nov 23), we returned the van to Ottawa airport and I planned on showing my parents the University of Ottawa and downtown Ottawa.  Unfortunately, it started to snow and so I only showed them the university from the bus.  Then we had lunch at Rideau Centre and went on a tour inside the Parliament Building (mainly because it is free and warm inside).  

The inside of the Parliament Building is absolutely amazing, and I definitely recommend going on the tour to anyone visiting Ottawa, where you can learn about the structure of Canadian government and take photographs of amazing architectures.  I am planning to come back at least once or twice during my time here.

House of Commons
The House of Commons

House of Commons
The Prime Minister of Canada takes the 11th seat on the left.

Christmas in Parliament Building
Christmas time inside the Parliament.

I bet it makes a nice Christmas card.

The Library of Parliament is gorgeous with beautiful wood-carved shelves.

People were more focused on taking photos (myself included) than listening to what the tour guide had to say.

Library of Parliament
Statue of Queen Victoria.

This is where political members come to learn about the potential consequences that laws can have on Canada and its people.

Roof of Library of Parliament
Roof of the library.

Forgot where this was, but the ceiling was covered with interesting patterns.

Patterns include a phoenix, provincial symbols (e.g., BC), etc.

The Senate.
A much smaller room (relative to the House of Commons), but still impressive nonetheless.

Paintings on the walls depict scenes from WWI, the first war that Canada took part of.

Parliament hallway
Christmas time.
Exiting the building.

Still snowy outside.

It was sunny today, but my parents are not used to the cold (of eastern Canada) and the slippery roads, and so we bused to Ottawa Chinatown, had lunch, and then I took them back to the family hostel.

Ottawa Chinatown
Another beautiful structure in Ottawa.

My parents will be flying back to BC tomorrow afternoon.  After that, it is time to start getting settled here in Ottawa.

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