Hasta la vista, Peterborough

This weekend will be my last official weekend here in Peterborough.  This time next week, I will be trying to get settled in Ottawa.  This past two and half years in Peterborough have definitely brought me memorable experiences - mostly good but also some sad memories.  I have traveled enough and met enough people since my undergraduate years to know that partings are eventual and inevitable, whether they are family, friends, or just acquaintances; therefore, the best thing to do is to look forward to the future and treasure the past (as I have tried to do with this blog).

Yesterday, I hanged out with friends for one last field outing and (potluck) dinner together.

Haven't photographed sunset in a while.

The wonderful thing about Trent and Peterborough is that nature and wide open spaces are always nearby.  I definitely made the right choice in coming to Trent to do my Master's, and I am thankful for my supervisors and the friends that I have made in the past couple of years.

Bronte sensing something in the field.

You can see the fur on her back standing up.  It might be the cows she heard in the distance.


Wide open spaces.

Moon in the distance.  Today (Sunday) should have full moon, but given the rainy weather at the moment, I'd say yesterday's moon was good enough.

Moon with smudges of clouds.

Rural moon
Rural moon.

Almost full moon
Moon over the hill.

Almost full moon

Almost full moon
Few more moon photos.

Thanks to the friends that came last night.  I am sure our paths will cross again in the future.

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