Caterpillar, Bee, and Rainbow Sunday

Today is International Rock Flipping Day (9/9).  I flipped some rocks behind my office building this afternoon, but it seemed too disturbed (basically a gravel mound from recent constructions) to have much biodiversity.  Too bad.  I did saw some ants and tiny tiny critters though, underneath the rocks, but that was about it.

Saw this pretty caterpillar on my way out of the building.


It is the caterpillar of White-headed Prominent (Symmerista albifrons).  Quite misleading since its caterpillar form has an orange head. 

Then I was walking around looking for things to photograph.  I didn't see much until I saw this bee hanging onto the thistle flower in the wind.
Every time I try to take a close-up photo it is a windy moment.  Most of these photos are only good when viewed small.

This bee belongs in the genus Megachile because of its large mandibles.  And this is a female because of the hair underneath its abdomen (somewhat visible in the previous photo).


Large mouthparts, for leaf-cutting perhaps, since they are also known as Leaf-cutting Bees.

Saw a rainbow on my way back home in the evening.

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