Getting outside again

I finally did something outdoorsy this week.  Went to school on Sunday, but not before I went for a walk through the Lady Eaton drumlin next to the campus.

Unknown kill.  Pigeon feathers?

Unknown flowers
Small white flowers

Lady Eaton Drumlin
Through the forest - taken with the OM lens.

Lady Eaton Drumlin
Besides the leaves on the ground, the bright colours usually associated with autumn was not felt in the forest.

Delicate Patterns
Early Meadow Rue (Thalictrum dioicum) - a dioecious plant species but wind-pollinated (see paper), something my project is very closely about.

Unknown Purple Fungi

Colour of autumn is much more evident when you step outside the forest


Arrival of Autumn
Hate the wires, but the colours are beautiful

Before heading to my office, I came across this beautiful cat.  What is it doing out here away from proper homes?  Unless it's a student's pet.

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