Porcupine caribous in Ivvavik National Park - 2012

This is my second and final year at Trent for my Masters program, and hopefully I will complete my thesis before next summer.  The point is that I will probably be very busy and won't have much time to do any "fun" stuff.

Anyways, this field season, the caribou migration did not go through Sheep Creek like last year.  Instead, we only saw a few stragglers, and some lucky people got a chance to see parts of the massive migration during times of day when most people are sleeping.  The migration still occurred (on other parts of the massive migration pattern) but just not in front of our eyes.

Porcupine caribous (Rangifer tarandus granti)
We only saw a few at the beginning of June.

Porcupine caribou migration (Rangifer tarandus granti)
Then returning caribous with calves towards the end of June.

Only two decent photos from this entire field season.  Bummer.

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