Dark and rainy to start off 2010

Not the greatest day, weather-wise, to start off the new year. It was dark and rainy when I woke up in the morning. So I went back to sleep.

It was in the afternoon when the rain stopped and sky cleared. And a rainbow even appeared! I quickly grabbed the camera and tripod and the the garbage bags to be thrown out. By the time I got to the dumpster with the trashes, the rainbow had already disappeared. Such a shame! It was a nice-looking rainbow too.

Then I quickly pedaled to the dyke. It was even sunny...but not for long.

The wind picked up and the clouds rolled in. And it was dark and gloomy again.

I got the hint and turned my bike around and started going home.

Watched a couple of harriers flying along the beaches. Overall, a pretty boring day.

365 days ago (2009-01-01)

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Cicero Sings said...

The colours in that first picture are lovely ... worth getting out for!

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