And the dyin' is easy too.

Just as Hugh of Rock Paper Lizard mentioned this being a good (warm) month for critters, including squirrels, I came across a dying squirrel in front of our road where squirrels like to run back and forth all the time.

At first, I noticed a crow in the middle of the road. Then I saw it was beside something. As I got closer, I realize it was a furry animal, most likely to be a squirrel.

I ran back home to grab my camera and took a few shots. Apparently the squirrel was still alive because its tail was still twitching. There were two squirrel on the neighbor's tree yipping and watching this dying squirrel. I wonder if they are family.

Life and death. Both are easy, I guess. RIP, little squirrel.

365 days ago (2009-01-28) ...
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